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Ground Up Fight Series (GUFS)

Ground Up Fight Series is a Martial Arts competition of events throughout each year offering a platform for beginner and intermediate levels to test their skills against other competitors of the same ability. Our events feature multiple bouts for our competitors within the early stages of competition to give every student the best learning fight experience.

Each competitor will compete to earn points and advance to the next round of the series. The more points earned will determine which fighters are selected to enter the next GUFS Event of the year. The very best of the competition series will remain and fight in the Martial Arts Cage at the Finale which will be held at the end of each annual series.

New to Competitions?

You may have not thought about competing before but if this is something that you have thought about or maybe interested in then Ground Up Fight Series is the perfect place to start! We help new and young fighters begin their competitive journey. We may say young but we also mean that anyone of any realistic age compete and do not have to be in their prime. We have experience in training martial arts students from as young as 3yrs old up until the ages of 70yrs+.

We encourage total beginners to take their first step to enter our competitions and we will help guide them step by step to begin their training and goal setting. We are all here to learn and help each other as martial artists, and want all competitors to have a positive experience.

You win or you learn! You don’t lose! We Want You to become a GUFS Original and compete to become great and eventually fight as a semi pro or professional fighter one day in the future like many have started and become great through the same process and journey. We also Want You to compete and if you only compete once or for a few years with GUFS to an intermediate level to have the most exciting and motivating experience.

Where is GUFS held?

Ground Up Fight Series is based in High Wycombe Judo Centre for all competition series.

Getting Started and How do I Sign Up?

It’s simple, all you need to do is subscribe and register your details to express your interest in competing at the Ground Up Fight Series. Registration will require you to be completely honest regarding any previous experience you may have in any Martial Art or Fighting Style in order for us to match all competitors safely and correctly.

All competitors will be informed upon registration of what equipment / training gear will be needed for the competition for protection and safety purposes.

GUFS is Open to All Fighting Styles / Disciplines.

Grappling Arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Wrestling & MMA are all welcomed.

Striking Arts such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do & Kung Fu are all welcomed. If there are any style of Martial Art not mentioned please feel free to contact us when registering and we can advise further.

How Does it Work?

Each division will have a striking only & grappling only division while also offering an MMA division with a mix of styles.

Medals will be awarded to the division winners within each category.

Our Competitions are open to adults & children from 6 years old in all styles of Martial Arts.

At GUFS we enforce specific weight/age and level divisions for all categories and the appropriate protective equipment for each discipline to make sure the safety of our competitors is priority.

What Do I Do Now?

Please register for more information or to officially sign up for the next GUFS event using our contact form so we can keep you updated with our latest event information and any further details for future events.


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We all began from The Ground Up which is why we have created our very own Fight Series. Competing in events just like GUFS back in the 90’s & 2000’s we know first hand what it takes to take that first step and then progress further into MMA as now some of our team have reached the pinnacle of the Fighting World and competing within the UFC.

Our Official Associates for GUFS and Fight Team Academies are based in MMAX GYM Hemel Hempstead, MCMA Harrow & Watford, Krav Maga Haim Zut Hendon, St Albans BJJ


Hosted & Promoted by Denniston ‘Mad Max’ Sutherland & David Hall

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