Muay Thai

Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing originates from Thailand and is a full contact combat sport. Often referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs, Muay Thai continues to be popular.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Training Courses Attracting Members in Harrow, Watford, Hayes, Southall, Stanmore, Watford and Surrounding Areas

Muay Thai practitioners strike using their legs and knees but they are also allowed to use their fists and elbows in order to make the fighter more efficient in a full contact fight. Grappling and clinching is also a part of the Muay Thai. Muay Thai enhances mental and physical discipline and is enjoyable & rewarding.

Muay Thai is also known for its large involvement in progressing MMA fighters to compete in the cage in the UK and around the World. Muay Thai is an essential discipline to study if you wish to become an MMA fighter.


MCMA offers a wide range of martial arts & self-defence classes for students of this age category and focuses on all areas of martial arts to give the student a practical and full range of martial arts / self-defence knowledge and ability.

Most programmes involve a grading structure and a format in which students can progress. MCMA works closely with child development specialists & experts regularly to ensure that we are providing the best service and experience possible for our students.


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