Read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions


Joining Us

How can I become a member? keyboard_arrow_down close

You can Join MCMA online via our website or email us directly.

What types of memberships do you offer? keyboard_arrow_down close

At MCMA we offer a lifestyle not just a class or lesson once a week.

Our memberships offer from 1 up to 3 lessons per week on the standard training package. Our total unlimited memberships offer you the dream training package of training in various martial arts health & fitness or boxing every day if you want to.

Whether you want to join as an individual, for your children, as a family or as a couple we have memberships to suit you.

My First Visit

All new members are offered the option of joining on a membership package or having a pre paid trial session prior to becoming a member. Please contact us to book your trial.

When you become a member of MCMA we will issue you with a membership authorisation to gain access to the facilities.

What should I wear? keyboard_arrow_down close

We would recommend that you wear anything appropriate that you feel comfortable in to exercise but please dress appropriately – this means clean footwear to enter the facility and suitable exercise wear. Please don’t wear anything that may cause damage to the matting or boxing ring such as jewellery or zips on clothing. Also earrings should be taped up/covered or removed before training in group lessons. If you are still unsure please feel free to speak to MCMA team who will be more than happy to provide you with advice.

What should I bring? keyboard_arrow_down close

Please bring with you your own equipment such as boxing gloves, pads and protective gear. Water bottle, sweat towel and flip flops to walk around the training facility when not on the matted training area or boxing ring.

To take part in our Martial Arts or Boxing classes you need to wear certain clothing for certain disciplines. Some are more traditional than others. See below for more info on each discipline.

BOXING: hand wraps or gel wraps to protect your hands / Boxing Gloves / Boxing Boots (not essential)
KICKBOXING: hand wraps or gel wraps to protect your hands / Boxing/Kickboxing gloves / Shin Guards
MUAY THAI: hand wraps or gel wraps to protect your hands / Muay Thai gloves / Shin Guards
KRAV MAGA: Krav Maga t shirt & Trousers
Any Gloves, Shin Guards & Groin Guard
MMA: Boxing Gloves / MMA gloves & Shin Guards

*mouth guard essential for all sparring classes

What if I don't have my own equipment? keyboard_arrow_down close

You can purchase equipment and protective gear at Origins or contact us for advice for purchase options.

What are your opening hours? keyboard_arrow_down close

Our timetable will show you all of our class timings. We are open for private 121 sessions and private workshops/seminars but these must be pre- booked to gain access.

Do I have to be a member to train at MCMA? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes you have to be a member to gain access, use the facilities, or receive any coaching by our instructors.

Can I just turn up and train on my own? keyboard_arrow_down close

No you are not able to just turn up at anytime. Your membership allocates you to your specific classes and training plan. You will know what classes and times you are allowed to train and use the facilities. You are able to purchase private 121 sessions or private group sessions with our coaches so please feel free to email us for more details.

My Membership

Can I use other associated academies? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes of course. We encourage all our members to gain the most from their memberships. Your membership fee will be based on the training centre you signed up to and use but if you want to arrange training options at our other locations you simply just have to ask us and we can advise you further.

Where do I park? keyboard_arrow_down close

We have numerous parking areas located near all of our training locations. Please check our sites for location details to find your nearest parking area or car park.

Payment Options

What are the payment options for membership? keyboard_arrow_down close

We offer two options for paying your membership. You can choose to pay for your membership upfront as a one off annual fee (non refundable) or monthly by direct debit.

What day of the month would the payment come out of my account by direct debit? keyboard_arrow_down close

We collect all of our membership payments on or immediately after the 1st of each month.

How can I change my Direct Debit details or pay a missed installment? keyboard_arrow_down close

You can do this by contacting our management company NEST.

Tel: 0115 945 5030

Email: [email protected]

What if I want to join half way through the month? keyboard_arrow_down close

You can still train but have to pay the single session price. Your membership will start from the 1st of the following month.

How do I cancel my membership? keyboard_arrow_down close

We hope that all our members are happy with the facilities and service we provide at MCMA but we also understand that circumstances may change.

If you are looking to cancel your membership you can do so by emailing us in writing to confirm your cancellation. One months notice is required to cancel any membership.

Freezing My Membership

How do I freeze my membership? keyboard_arrow_down close

Members may request to freeze their Membership from a minimum of one month to a maximum of three consecutive calendar months, once per membership year. Memberships can only be frozen for full calendar months. A fee of £15 per month shall be applied to any frozen membership. Family or couple memberships can also be frozen. This would need to be done as a whole membership suspension meaning all parties cannot train for the specified time. If anyone wishes to continue from the membership we would be able to set up a new single membership plan for the duration needed or adjust the current payment plan to reflect the single membership until the remaining members of the membership plan return to training.

What happens if I get injured? keyboard_arrow_down close

Our trainers are here to help and will always do their very best to keep you training safely. However, if you do injure yourself we can suspend your membership for a maximum of 3 months. If you are unable to train on medical grounds for over 3 months and can provide written proof of this, then we will cancel your membership with immediate effect with no further fees due.

Other FAQs

Are there many female members? keyboard_arrow_down close

We are welcoming and friendly at MCMA and have more and more women joining all the time for the boxing, fitness and martial arts classes. Our male coaches teach some a variety of female only classes but we also have female trainers who teach specific classes too so simply contact us to book the most suitable class for you or if you would like to specify/request women’s only group classes or private sessions with a female coach please let us know and we can arrange your training schedule for you.

If I'm pregnant, can I still train and exercise? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes, you can continue with various forms of exercise that you enjoy however we strongly advise you consult with your physician before joining or attending any fitness boxing or martial arts sessions, especially those that involve high levels of exertion.

Please contact us directly and explain your previous health and fitness routine prior to your pregnancy and we will be able to inform your coach before you get started, so they are aware and we can arrange your training schedule whether it’s group classes or private training.

I want to get fit, but I'm not sure about fighting keyboard_arrow_down close

At MCMA our classes and martial arts disciplines are not just about fighting. Members come here for something different from the ordinary fitness gym as they want to learn a a martial art and discipline themselves to commit and focus on achieving a life skill, which can help with confidence, fitness and self esteem. We have classes for total beginners through to advanced and professional levels so don’t be nervous and take the first step to becoming fitter, healthier and more confident and get your training plan

I want to compete as a professional fighter, can you help me? keyboard_arrow_down close

The answer is Yes!

We have many members who are active fighters as well as our head coaches having many previous titles and belts in different weight categories and martial arts disciplines. Check out our trainer’s profiles for more details.

Does the gym get very busy? keyboard_arrow_down close

We monitor our members and database closely to ensure we don’t overcrowd our classes. Our children’s classes are also managed with team leaders, assistant instructors and head instructors to give our younger students the best possible support structure and learning experience.

What happens if I'm late for my session? keyboard_arrow_down close

Our coaches are understanding but please try to be on time for training sessions. We know that sometimes life and schedules are demanding so we will work around this for our members. Just don’t make it a habit to turn up late as this is not respectful to your team or your coach. Lateness can become painful for students as ‘burpees’ and extra training challenges are then issued to punish those that are disrespectful to their fellow students and coaches.

Are there changing facilities? keyboard_arrow_down close

We have changing facilities and toilets.

Do you offer corporate memberships? keyboard_arrow_down close

We do offer specific corporate memberships throughout the year. Please email us to find out more.

Can I book personal training? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes, at MCMA we have qualified personal trainers for martial arts, boxing & fitness. Prices range from £50.00 plus per session for 121 coaching. Find out more information by emailing us.

I don't know what the different disciplines are and what to learn, what shall I do? keyboard_arrow_down close

We are here to advise you as we have specialist coaches and instructors for each martial arts discipline so simply research a little and then feel free to ask questions to find out what’s best suited for your family or individual needs. If you are still unsure please feel free to email us for guidance and we can arrange your first trial lesson in no time.

Do you offer a grading system for the disciplines you teach? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes we do offer a grading system in Krav Maga Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing

Do you offer novice/amateur level competitions? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes we offer all levels of competitions from novice to professional. GUFS – Ground Up Fight Series is our official Competition Amateur MMA, Grappling & Striking League. Roar Combat League is our official Muay Thai & Kickboxing Amateur & Pro Combat League

Can I stay and watch my children during lessons? keyboard_arrow_down close

We encourage the Parents/Carers of the students to leave the facility for the duration of the lesson to allow the students to focus and learn without distraction. Only for the settling in period of 2/3 weeks do we advise Parents/Carers to stay onsite. We do allow spectators at grading examinations and competition events.

What age do you start teaching children? keyboard_arrow_down close

We start teaching children from 3yrs old.

Do you offer student discounts? keyboard_arrow_down close

No we do not offer student discounts

Can my friend/family member attend a class to see if they want to join too? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes of course, but they will need to book and pay for the trial lesson so that we can allocate their place at the chosen lesson. All bookings can be paid for online within our website or by emailing us directly if you prefer for us to send you the booking information.

Do you offer Free Trial Lessons? keyboard_arrow_down close

We do offer Trial Lessons but they are Not Free. You need to book your trial lesson on our website via our ‘book now’ button. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions or trouble booking your trial lessons.

Can I have more than one trial lesson? keyboard_arrow_down close

You can have multiple trial lessons but they need to be purchased and booked in advance via our website and online booking system and only within the month that you initially enquired as our academy is a members only club. Once your trial period is over you will have to either join or not continue training at the MCMA academy at any location.