Learn Virtually and Online with MCMA from the comfort of your own home, workplace or while on holiday or business abroad.

Our Innovative Martial Arts, Self Defence & Fitness Online Training Platform means you can access our live training sessions and educational training programmes (ETP’s) anytime and anywhere.

Join us today and learn from some of the best and most highly qualified instructors in different disciplines to achieve your personal goals

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Joining us for the first time?

You can join our ‘Live’ classes using Zoom!

Our head instructors in each martial arts discipline will register you for all your online tuition and keep you fully updated with your lesson plans and technical aspects to learn in order to progress and provide you with the best martial arts online training program. You will be automatically added to our online virtual community groups and accounts to access live training sessions and private sessions with your instructors.

So how do I get started for myself or my children?

It’s Very simple! Just contact us requesting online martial arts tuition and we will arrange your ‘Free Trial’. Once you are ready to commit to your online lessons and training we will enrol you and set up your online account and membership.

Can I still grade and progress through your syllabus?

Yes is the answer! We now have an online virtual grading system and syllabus which offers students the opportunity to learn and educate themselves anywhere on the planet, providing they have internet access! Our instructors will be able to assess your skills, techniques, movement patterns and overall ability for online gradings and examinations just as we would face to face. Full assessments have been done online for students and will continue to be available for all to benefit from now on.

The MCMA Virtual Training Experience

Martial Arts and Self Defence has evolved since the covid-19 outbreak. The need for online education has become more essential than ever before in schools for children and also for all ages in different extra curricular activities.

The World we live in today is very different from what it was pre 2019 and we have all had to change and adapt, but the positive side of the ‘new normal’ is this…we can learn and educate ourselves however we wish and from anywhere in the World as the technology era is stronger and more powerful than ever. Our services were once only available and accessible from our training centres in Harrow & Watford in the U.K. but now they are available and accessible to anyone in the World.

YouTube videos for example have been around for years and continue to be extremely productive to learn and educate but ‘Live’ sessions with our professional instructors are far more interactive offering advice and solutions to teaching techniques whilst training and discussion topics are part of the training sessions before and after most sessions.

We offer women’s only, children’s, teenager & adult lessons in MMA, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing!

Our lessons are ‘Live’ online 7 days a week for group sessions but we can also arrange 121 training sessions for those that want the personal touch or cannot attend the weekly timetable due to family or work commitments.

There’s literally ‘No Excuse’ not to learn Martial Arts & Self Defence in today’s ‘New World’.

Join us now and start your Martial Arts Journey Online!


David’s online classes are great. I did wonder how it would work training virtually, but it does! I’m keeping my hand in, keeping fit, learning the basics properly, learning new stuff, and having fun. I genuinely look forward to every class.



I have been training with David and his team pre and post lockdown. The virtual sessions have been excellent. The drills have ensured we are kept on point with techniques and it has been a great workout. Thoroughly recommend these virtual sessions!


Sonia Joshi

Both of my kids ( Thrish – 8yrs & Jhanvi – 6 yrs ) enjoy their kickboxing lessons at MCMA. Their sessions are always filled with energy & Mindfulness making the kids feel so positive about things around them while learning. I have seen them growing in confidence & have gained knowledge in fitness & self defence. They eagerly wait for their lessons & it shows how much they adore training.The trainers( David & Ben ) are dedicated, caring, kind & fun loving making every session interesting for the kids.


Thrish and Jhanvi’s mum

I have known David for 15+ years when we trained together at Minotaurs, Muay Thai. I have been out of martial arts for many years now until I spotted David running classes via his Instagram account. I was interested specifically in learning Krav Maga. I went to his first Krav Maga class he ran in Harrow. I really enjoyed the class. I waited for the next class to be announced. Once David set up Krav Maga I was really excited when he opened a gym in Watford so quickly signed up. I was disappointed that COVID stopped our classes. It was great to have the option to continue with online classes. Although this was not what I initially joined for, the online classes still gave the opportunity to engage with others and stay fit. It really became invaluable to me personally due to medical reasons. David has been so accommodating during this period. Well done David & Team for challenging yourselves and putting together great training sessions during these hard times.

Sarah Tomlinson

I really enjoy the zoom classes, they are keeping me motivated by learning a lot of new techniques while enjoying the company of the amazing group, thank you.



Starting Krav Maga training with David has been the best decision I’ve made in terms of my fitness, discipline and self defence. The skills I’ve learnt in the past year have made me more confident knowing I’m more prepared in case I ever find myself in a dangerous situation on the street. I’m looking forward to developing these skills and taking my self defence journey to the next level.

Kishan Shah

It’s by far the best class for my son to keep him fit and stress-free during this pandemic. The team is very friendly and their professional teaching method helps the kids to build their self confidence. The children are having fun while learning how to protect them and how to respect others.


Anton – Jayusan’s dad

I have found the online lessons to very engaging. They have been structured and focused and have provided a sense of normality for us during lockdown. Ben is very engaging and addresses everyone by name so there is a personalised touch and pushed all the kids to work harder and to understand the concepts. He is clear in describing the moves and shows it many times over so the kids are able to copy. All in all my son loves doing them and is something to look forward to.


Karwing – Jackson’s dad