Our associations and affiliations


Krav Maga HAIM ZUT Israel

MCMA is associated with Krav Maga HAIM ZUT one of the most respected and original Krav Maga associations in the world. The Krav Maga HAIM ZUT Federation was founded by grand master Haim Zut, 10th Dan practitioner and former student of Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

Muay Thai

MCMA is affiliated with the UKMTF- United Kingdom MuayThai Federation, responsible for the Health & Safety expansion of Muay Thai in the UK.

MCMA is also affiliated to the Lamai Muay Thai camp & WMC Muay Thai council in Thailand.

The Muay Thai camp WMC in Thailand is our training base in Thailand.

Golden Gloves Boxing League

MCMA is affiliated to Golden Gloves Boxing League and welcomes all levels of boxers from complete beginners to the professional ranks.

Golden Gloves Boxing League are looking for the best fighters to compete and work their way up to become a Golden Gloves champion.

Golden Gloves Boxing League have 11 weight classes from bantamweight to Super heavyweights. They also have novice champions for boxers that are inexperienced and have taken part in less than 10 contests. We use 12 oz gloves, no head guards and all events are professionally organised and managed.

Roar Combat League

MCMA is affiliated to Roar Combat League including Muay Thai Fighter platform/events, Amatuer Levels, semi Professional Fighters & Professional Fighters